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nothing interesting

world of fools

liz, queen of outer space
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I am
eighteen years old
twee as fuck
a sister
a feminist
a hopeless romantic
a fuckin' fangirl!! hwarrrgh!

I love
clear skies
drawing silly things
history class
quiet mornings
doctor who, finally

don't let anyone tell you you're not beautiful.
airbending, animation, anime, anthropology, apple picking, architecture in helsinki, art, avatar, avatar: the last airbender, ballpoint pens, band aids, ben 10, birds, bok choy, bonfires, boogie boarding, books, boys who bake, candy, cartooning, cartoons, cats, chartreuse, chatots, cherries, chickens, coffee, converse sneakers, cotton, cotton things, crappy art, cyberpunk, deviantart, doctor who, dogs, drawing, earthbending, eggplant, elephants, eleven/amy, elmers glue, emetophobia, eureka seven, fashion, fennec foxes, fingerless gloves, firebending, flamingoes, flcl, flip-flops, flying types, food, fountain pens, gavin degraw, glass bottles, goldfish, google, grass, green, harry potter, hay, hot glue guns, i hate cilantro, iconning, icons, interactive yogurt, ipods, kangaroos, keys, kisses, kung fu panda, la roux, laughter, legos, lions, locks, love, maine, making people uncomfortable, maple trees, moose, movies, musicals, nature walks, oak trees, ocean, old movies, orange juice, orange kittens, orange peel, ouran highschool host club, padlocks, paper, parrots, pepto bismol, pizza bagels, plastic beads, plastic chairs, pokemon, polysics, puppies, purple, redlines, redlining, regina spektor, rent, robes, romance, roosters, rozen maiden, salamanders, salmons, sand, sandwiches, seashells, seaweed, sharpie markers, shiny things, ska, snark, socks, stained glass, steampunk, stripy socks, style, summer, surfing, swimming, tablets, tigers, toe socks, trampolines, trichotillomania, turquoise, twee, video games, vintage jewelery, waterbending, wind, wood shavings, york, york maine